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Some women are lost in the fire. Some are built from it.
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  • I need a puppy in my life

    but shelters want to charge like 600 for a puppy haha bye

    you know what else is ridiculous about dog shelters?

    • You can’t live in an apartment
    • You need a fence so your dog can run around in your yard. Ya, even if it’s a chihuahua. We have to give this dog the best life possible.
    • We have to come see your house and inspect it. 
    • If you don’t adopt from us you’re a piece of shit

    when you say you hate something and some stupid fuck does it on purpose bc he thinks its funny


    you are annoying and NO ONE LIKES YOU

    I saw your comment on photography being too expensive for you to really get into. I'm a professional photographer from Australia (currently a film student) and I've helped a lot of poor college friends get started in photography/film making with the limited budget that they have. You can really achieve a lot with not much money these days! I'd love to talk to you about it some more if you're interested? (there's a character limit in this message)

    Asked by Anonymous

    You’re from Australia and I’m from the US :(

    Do you believe it is possible to fall in love with somebody you first met online? (I'm saying without ever meeting them) P.S This isn't about you (as lovely and beautiful as you are)

    Asked by Anonymous

    LMAOOOO omgggg ‘this isn’t about u’ you kno me so well

    But ya it is. 
    Or well, at least, IIIIII think so. Not sure if other ppl do but fuck them im right it exists

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