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Some women are lost in the fire. Some are built from it.
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  • i kno they say never to judge anyone based on what music they listen to

    but if you listen to My Bloody Valentine or Blood on the Dance Floor u best believe i am fuckin judging you


    you sound like a spoiled little girl who 'hates' her mom because you cant get what you want. grow up. family is family

    Asked by Anonymous

    ya see this is exactly what i’m talking about LOL. People who think there can never be bad parents. listen up u lil white turd they exist

    fuck off, goodbye, kill yourself.

    i don’t hang out with anyone around here because i’ll just be honest

    you’re all dumbasses who don’t know shit, all you do is gossip all day and everything you think you know about everyone else is completely just rumors and you don’t even know what ‘knowing someone’ means

    this is actually the only time i’ll ever think im better than a group of people

    going out without a bra on is singlehandedly the most embarrassing yet free feeling ever

    I hate when I’m venting to someone about my family and once I say the words “I really fucking hate them”, that person goes

    "You’re just saying that out of anger."

    No, bitch. I am not. I don’t say things purely out of anger. If you don’t get it, or if you’re just going to try and contradict everything I say, why do you whine and complain about how ‘you don’t feel close to me’ or how ‘you don’t feel like you know me’? 

    I’m not mysterious. You ask and I’ll give - it’s not that hard. I have no secrets to hide and I’m an open book. If you have malicious intent with the details I give about me, go at it. If you want to know purely out of curiosity, go ahead. 
    but if you accept the terms and conditions of letting me vent to you, or allowing me to be vulnerable and show myself to you — let me do it to the fullest extent. Don’t interrupt me. Don’t contradict me. Don’t defend the people I’m telling you about. Don’t push your family and love values on me, because those values belong to you and only you.

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