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Some women are lost in the fire. Some are built from it.
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  • Don’t ever let them get you into the habit of
    picking at your skin
    or batting your lashes
    to get something

    Do you think that you should leave a partner if you're somewhat happy together but feel that you're settling for somebody that's "just ok"? Assume that you've done everything possible to improve the situation and that no matter what, this status quo is how things will stay.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Yeah. Always.

    We’ve all ‘settled’ for someone before - for all different reasons. Maybe we were tired of searching, getting hurt, etc. or maybe we, for some insane reason, thought we’d never get anything better. And it’s terrible.

    To be honest with you, I’d choose anything over something ‘just okay’.
    If you stay with this person, you’ll spend every moment with them wondering what else there could be. You’ll wonder, and eventually forget, what having passion for someone is truly like. Especially if you’ve done everything to improve the situation.

    Just okay just isn’t enough for me. I know what I want and like a fool, I base my entire life around it. Love might not be your entire life, so who knows; maybe ‘just okay’ is enough for you. But love is 100% of me; so ‘just okay’ isn’t okay.

    Don’t settle. You wouldn’t want to waste your years with someone who bores you with their stories; find someone who entertains you every second of every day, and makes you fall in love with every ‘I love you’. GL.

    “ You give me courage to do what I thought I never could. ”

    What fields of modelling are you most interested in? Thinking of doing any import modelling?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I like raw type of stuff.

    No, I never have and never will do import. Plus, hasn’t import modeling died out? Or is that just because I filtered my dashboard for so long?

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